Naz Abrahams

Job title?

Instructional Designer

How long have you been with FCTG?

3 Years

Why do you love working for FCTG?

I started with the company when I was 19 years as a receptionist. My duties grew and grew as I was so eager to learn in this diverse and cultured company. I am amongst leaders that are eager and willing to coach and develop me to prosper and thrive in various ways that will benefit me in every direction that I choose to move forward. With covid, my journey with Flight Centre has been a positive rollercoaster; with every potential low point, I was privileged enough to further my career despite the circumstances. I was given the opportunity to take on a role as a global content coordinator furthering my skillset and gaining knowledge about the backend of our core systems. My passion lies with people and culture, and when a position presented itself, I applied for the role of instructional designer with great enthusiasm. I was thrilled to learn I was successful in the role and furthermore apply my knowledge based on my current studies. The growth is endless. My home away from home.

Would you recommend FCTG as an employer, and what advice would you give to someone considering applying?

Absolutely, as per Flight Centre’s number one philosophy our people, they truly put their people first, and this is evident in all the available benefits as well as the culture. The opportunity for growth is limitless.